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Thread: When does the TOP think to solve these problems?

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    When does the TOP think to solve these problems?

    Since TOP Eleven introduced "associations" and "light and dark skills" in the game is increasingly distorted and illogical.

    Winning a league may depend on not playing on the weekend with a team that only decides on associations. Teams that are thrashed during the week but are invincible on the weekend with their players placed.

    The same happens with the Cup, the teams that only play "associations" also play the Cup. Teams of 3-4 higher levels against which nothing needs to be done.

    Why TOP Eleven does nothing to fix it ?. If a team is not in the top 8 (in league) at the end of the championchip, it cannot play next associations. And fixed.

    And Cup, is it so difficult to average the 11 strongest players on the team to make it more even?.

    A DC with 1% speed cannot play football. An AM with 1% strength, either. They are only two examples. Can not create a filter that makes these players can not play ?.

    Do TOP programmers know how to play football? Of course, unless it's not a soccer simulator and just a soccer-based game with its own rules.

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    There will be no reply to this thread, but just as an example, for this weekends association competition,tomorrow's other semi final features 8 teams that tanked last season.
    8 out of 12.
    Come on Nordeus...set some minimum requirements.

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