1. Bugs. All sites have problems. How you deal with them is the difference between successful and unsuccesful business models. Nordeus's support is a joke. When bugs cause a competitive disadvantage to any team, there should be compensation.

2. Mobile site is ridiculously subpar. I'm sure there are threads about the lack of ability to manage from your phone. A quick list of complaints:

Negotiations don't exist. Very nice when a player gets an offer. Or you want to make an offer.
Inability to see the same options when setting up your lineup.
Inability to see details on transfer players.
Transfer options on mobile are different than on a landline. If you see players you want to bid on, don't log on to your home computer. They will all change.

A mobile site should mirror the regular site. Nordeus hasn't come close to addressing this.

3. Attitude. If this game was in Beta I would understand most of the issues and Nordeus' responses. Its not. They want real money for a product that is flawed, buggy and inconsistent.

The game has potential. Whoever is running it is doing a great job of alienating the people who can afford to play it at a high level.