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Thread: Team Mentality

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    Team Mentality

    I m curious to see what mentality other managers use. And don t give me that it changes depending on the opponent. I m just curious what you guys use in general.
    My team s philosophy is based on the 2004 takeover of Chelsea by Abramovich and turning the club from midtable mediocrity to league contenders and eventually CL winners. So my most used team mentality is usually DEFENDING(Mourinho s playstyle) since i m happy if i m not scoring any goals but quite upset when i concede.
    I used to own a high level team that used mainly HARD ATTACKING, and even tho i didn t had the same knowledge of tricks of the game before and resources, i must say i lost many games that should have been won back then.
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    It's been 1-2 years now that the game has lost any tactical sense.
    So I just start with a normal mentality and see if change it later.
    If it is more possible not to watch my upcoming game (and oppo isn't a weak team) I set def/counters.

    * I 'm not a fan of Hard, I used it in some extreme and desperate moments.
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    I play with possession most of the time. In the final 10-15 mins, I might change to hard attacking if I'm chasing the game.
    Rarely ever use defending, because I usually am stronger than 80-90% of my league.