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Thread: Are my tactics and training schedules right?

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    Are my tactics and training schedules right?

    I normally play 4 2 3 1.

    Tactics that I normally use:

    A. Attacking - short - counter off - high - m2m- normal tackle- offside on (up arrows on Amc amr aml and striker)

    B. Normal-short/long-counter on - high - zonal- normal- offside off.(up arrows on amc amr aml and striker)

    C. Defensive - long - countr on - low - zonal -hard - offside off (down arrows on dc and mc, up on amr aml and striker)

    Training schedule I use

    A. MC n AM n ST : all the attacking drills (bar skill drill) (Set 1)
    B. Def n MC : all defending drills (bar video analysis n use head) (set 2)
    C. Fullbacks n AML/R n ST : fast counter n sprint n wing play n shooting n shuttle (set 3, depends on health)
    D. Defenders and MC/AMC : gym hurdle jump and carioca and press (set 4 depends on health)

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    tactics look ok
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