As the title says.

I would of placed this is suggestions, but the general forum is where most threads get most attention and I want to see what other people think.

I currently get my youth players ever 12 days (which is awkward) and that gives a 4-16-28 12-24 8-20 cycle over 3 seasons. So with winning promotion every season, most of these players actually go to WASTE.

I considered signing and developing a youth player that arrived this morning, but because he was the wrong position I had no choice to release him and because of the current cycle I get my youth players, I won't get a chance to sign one for a long time since of the lose a star system every season, whats the point of signing a youth player at the end of the season when he will turn 19 and will become 3* almost immediately after signing them.

I'd like the opportunity to buy a speeded up arrival of the youth players to break up the current cycle or a 14 day cycle that produces 2 youths a season on Day 2 and Day 16, at least your then guaranteed a good youth player at the beginning of the season every season, instead of near the end of the season.