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Thread: When is it Best to Sell Players?

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    When is it Best to Sell Players?

    I am currently in my third season of Top Eleven (won all 4 major trophies in prior season). I have players on my roster that I am not using now (and definitely won't in level 4). My question is when is best to sell them? Wait until the end of the season for them to be at their most "valuable" or is it better to hang onto them to keep my team level lower when I get promoted? (I think I read that somewhere?)

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks all!
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    I wouldn’t sell players now unless I need the cash to buy young FTs for the team. In fact I would buy players to fill up my bench to make money on their value gains through daily training. It will also help improve the training level faster which helps with power training effectiveness.

    With regards to season end, might want to read some guides to know what are the options and what you have to do to prepare for it. Still have quite abit of time. Most important question is what kind of player are you? Do you want challenging tournaments or do you want to win it all?
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    There must be some easy games in your League that you could use some bench players and keep resting some others for the Cup or CL.
    1-2 low q players can perform good in a strong team.
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    probably in the beginning of the season