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Thread: lvl 4 league

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    lvl 4 league

    This season is worse than the last as expected. Tl sucks. Free agents end in bid wars. I am not liking this. My team is 28.5 at lv 4. With 2 players bought with difficulty. Any experienced non T buyer can help? And no the market is still bad for me in morning hours.
    My league opps arent so tough and im happy as long as i win the league so should i try to develop my team a week later or just save tokens because im winning the league anyway?
    P.s i have no surveys or booster pack videos etc and nordeus doesnt give me the tokens i should get when i do a offer(which is like once in a lifetime)

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    Looks like you've said it, If you believe your team is strong enough to win your L4 league, then you probably won't need to make any new signings, this should allow you to save 30T up through the TV rights for the remainder of the season. Plus also you will build back up on $ natural through competition income for next season.
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    ^ what he said.

    If you can win it without signing, save up and get better players next season instead
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