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Thread: Shadow striker

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    Shadow striker

    Hi, can anyone tell me what the shadow striker special ability does?
    Thanks in advance

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    It makes your striker winger disappear.
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    Shadow effect to confuse opposing defenders
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    The shadow striker SA is typically for AMC/L/R, which enables them to perform like a striker in goal-scoring situations.

    From own experience, my top AML/AMC/ST with Shadow Striker SA (rarely used as a ST unless some specific scenario pops up. Eg. an inactive opponent gets a DC sent off, so switch play to 3 STs to take the most advantage) scores loads of long-range shots and nearly never miss, when ML and DL would have some saved.

    Need high shooting and finishing to make the most of the SA.
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    The shadow striker's ability is to make unexpected long shots from outside the box . When a player with ss makes a long shot and scores you will see the icon to appear . usually, shadow striker needs high shooting finishing and creativity . A high positioning would help to be in the right spot . lastly , strength would help to give more power in the shot .I used to train my aml/amc/amr with ss . Will see now , during rebuilding . but in general im well satisfied with this ability . i would choose it between dribbler . for sure much worth it

    Below you will see my shadow striker guy mostly used as aml
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