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Thread: The mysterious Ways of the Game Engine

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    The mysterious Ways of the Game Engine

    I always chuckle when on this forum I read recommendations on how to counter opponent's formations and tactics with your own, how to prepare for the game and so on. Is there a logic in the game engine? There sure is. But it's not what you think. Here's one tip that is based not on the common sense, but on my own observations.
    If you start watching the game in the middle, expect your team to immediately concede a goal.
    I noticed it many times, and here's the fresh example, just came in today.
    The game is on opponents' stadium. My team is 99%, his 87%. I'm watching from the very beginning; he is not.
    His team is attacking nonstop. Pretty much all the action is on my half. Does not look good. Still, no goals.
    Finally, the luck comes my way: at minute 60, while the score is still 0:0, opponent manager finally starts watching the game for his team.
    Immediately, and I mean immediately, no more of anything in my half. The action instantly moves to his half, and the game ends 3:0 in my favor.
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    Another thing I often see is when someone logs on to support me, something happens in the game, usually concede a goal. I too have logged into my friend’s games only to see them concede straight away. It’s like the variables in the game have tilted balance.
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