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Thread: Things I learned from this season.

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    Things I learned from this season.

    1. Morale system is completely messed up.
    - I had a 8 game winning streak and the first loss I got made everyone in the squad's morale plummet to poor. But being on the winning streak didn't keep their morale on superb or on fire either. So...
    2. Your team will lose if you do not attend matches against similar star opponents. For no reason at all.
    -I attend one game with an opponent near skill as me. We share 3-3. I didn't attend the second leg because I'm an adult with actual shit going on in life, lose 0-3. At home. All you get is "Tough Day". Fully rested team, high morale- the only thing that changed is I wasn't there.
    3. If your opponent is 20% higher than you, you will lose for sure whether they show up or not.
    -got partnered with a 125% team that is now at 146% in the league. me being 101% and now 108% lost 7-0 at the first meet up and then 2-0. If you want to win the league, buy a bunch of players to make your team lord over everyone else. Obviously their team is 8 pts clear of the table with no losses or draws. I'm 3rd as a 112% team shares the same points but higher goal difference. Thanks script
    4. Defenders are useless, only buy good attackers.
    -It doesn't matter if they are 4 or 7 star. They don't matter at all. They will not handle a team with a mega-enormous attack/midfield even if they are all 10 stars. Only invest in attackers, use youth academy for defenders as it doesn't matter.
    5. There is no such thing as a good goalkeeper.
    -Same thing as 4. It doesn't matter what star level they are on. They can be legendary level but it doesn't matter if the other team has a better attack than you. In fact, a 3 star goal keeper can block 8 star attackers if the simulation recognizes your attack is better.
    6. This game is 100% scripted.
    -The game has a winner in mind already in all competitions. Your comeback or upset was not due to your managing at all. Got knocked out of the cup against a 86% team. I won the first leg 4-1. They win the second leg 5-1. Aggregate Me 5-6 Them. "Tough day. We didn't expect that defeat" It was not due to my poor managing (as I know some f*ckheads will try to say on this post) but it was due to simply moving me aside for their designated winner, a team rated 120%. Me at the time rated 101%, gotta make way for the king.

    Hopefully next season I can learn more things about this game and share it with you all. This game won't change, might as well analyze it.
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    I agree to all except no - 6. This game is 100% scripted.
    You can reverse a bad performance/result if watching and do coaching - sometimes.
    So it's not 100%.
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