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Thread: skills vs stars

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    skills vs stars

    Howdy! I do not find clear updated information about the value of a player, respectively if the skills or the stars are more important on a player. I have players in my team who i have kept from last season and have good skills for the position that they play but loose overall stars because of the grey skills which decrease from season to season. So the question is pretty simple like the title wich one should i follow? skills for the position my player plays or overall stars? thank you!

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    In my opinion is skills . I like having my team at low quality with high skills so I have a small advantage against similar quality teams
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    Clearly, and @milpol will approve. If you have star players in your team (2-3) you want to have them as high as possible if you want to play them for many seasons.
    Because once the players grow above 22-23, the training becomes harder because they gain less as they advance in age.
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    Both, in high % regions (130+%) stars is more important, in lower regions (60-110% maybe) skills can be important.