I have noticed that some of my key players of last season are showing bad form this season.
For example my defender, 21 years old, fast trainer, used to get a good rating, now 6.
MC, 25 years old, used to get great rating, scored lots of goals, 6
and these 2: :'(
my both sts are monsters, both of them had 9 form and my 28 year old striker's age didnt even matter coz they'd get MOM so much they'd grow fast.
and now 6,7, missing clear chances, dafuq happened??
and its not like im playing against better teams, its a 29 quality team vs 21,22,24(only 1 or 2) and 26 in cl
against such teams i still played well, and idk whats happening to my best players...i think showing their stats off to my friends was a bad idea lol

i tried benching them for a few games, used morale packs but nothing changed, what to do now? new players isn't an option, TM sucks