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    old player

    Firstly i am from spain for that reason i apologize with my english. I want to know what is the diference between a playeer who is 30 years old and he have lvl 20 and a player who is 20 years old and he is lvl 16

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    your older player have better skills, but younger player trains faster

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    It's about the future.
    Today, the difference is what you can see, one player is a little better.
    But tomorrow if you train your players, the 20 year old will improve a lot faster than the 30 year old. After only a few days of hard training, the 20 year old can be as good as the 30 year old.
    Fast forward to next season, and the 31 year old is still not going to improve much, but the 21 year old could be a lot better. When the 30+ year old retires, the 20+ year old could be your star player.
    Does that help?