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Thread: Morale again!!

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    Morale again!!

    Got to agree with some previous posts re morale - just won the Champions league with 'my wife's' team. All players were at Superb before the game - now 3 (2 of them subs) have 'on fire' status with ALL the rest down to very good - Why?? Does not make any sense whichever way you look at it. There are some gaping holes in Top Eleven and with the amount of money they must be pulling in, some acknowledgement and then resolution of these issues should be getting done and then advertised as such IMHO.

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    You don't seem to understand the new morale system, where they said players morale is related to the long-term situation of your club rather than short-term happenings. So if I am now on a 15 game winning streak, almost all of my players will remain on superb morale after every match I win and even if I might lose a game the consequences are not to drastically for the morale of the players.
    If I am on a 10 game losing streak, then set my players to superb morale and win the next match, morale will still suffer drastically as the players are then still not very happy with the overall situation they are in. I think this is a decent system, that rewards the clubs that are very successful and punishes tanker who lose every league game and participate in cup, where they need to give their players a lot of morale packs for every game.
    Personally I have never had a morale pack issue, I sit on 3700 morale packs and the number gets higher every season.