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Thread: New Season - Mean need to get new players as well?? (New player here)

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    Those 2 were 145% at 18years. Now the fast trainer is 85% and the other 77% at 27years. In two seasons I might not be with them as I have already got a DR whom I train separately (he doesn't play, no need to powered train him or bother about his condition) imagine how he'll be in 2 seasons training alone. I'll just recruit him into the team without spending a rest or tokens. So I don't mind giving 2,3,4,5 tokens to get them to my academy. My striker was gotten to my academy for 9T.

    Everyone had a strategy that works for him. Figure out which one suits you best.

    I post a screen shot of my club budget so you can understand why they can't be cash cows to me.
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    I guess i am happy to spend T6 for my ST. Will Power Train him in the next season till high level and make him as my legend! Thanks for the info - i guess i will be looking more at YA. Might be spending another 2T for my DC - one to have a few 1 man club for my team. heehee. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the detailed description and pictures, Abbas. I appreciate it. And it's just as I suspected; while short on money they're great cash cows. And obviously, if you can spot a FT that's coming out of the academy he's a keeper, but otherwise the test packs are better and more effectively used on another player, possibly from the market. Basically it's about having a short and long term strategy.

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