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Thread: Who should be sold?

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    Who should be sold?

    Hi all expertes,

    I have a big problem,


    Level 7
    a.) Finance -3.5M
    b.) have 22 tokens
    c.) have a unsign U21 AMC AMR (cost 21 token) estimated 10-12M
    b.)Players i can sell but pretty unwilling to sell
    ...i.) a level 39.93333 MC 20 yrs old (an average trainer market value 3.6M)
    ..ii.) a level 44.93333 AMC AMR 23 yrs old (market value 4.3M)
    d.) My 1st team AMC AMR 19yrs old (market value 10M) I would say he's good enough
    e,) i need cash about 10-15M to sign a DL DC to replace the old one it probably took 10 token+
    f.) I already got 22 players

    what should i do...... please give me some advice
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    First of all, you can't bid on a player who has a higher value of your money......
    But when 'pay' your start-bid, you can just keep bidding and bidding, even if your next bid is higher than your money.

    Some tips:
    For how many seasons do you expect that your new player will be selected in your first-squad?
    1-2 seasons?.....age doesn't matter
    more than 2 seasons?....look for players up to the age of 21 / value doesn't matter

    When I look at your money/tokens, I would say to wait for your youth players.
    It will be a waste to spend many tokens on biddings you're not sure to win.

    So concluded: sign for 21 tokens your youth player!!!!
    That is what I would do
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    but I ve already got 2 good enough AMC AMR in that position

    I dont know I m so fucking confuse