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    Guys any idea how I can win against this guy he is 118 n i am 105

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    As usual, make sure you have a strong midfield. Against a stronger opponent, I tend to play a 5-1-3-1:


    That's right - I don't even bother with a ST. If you don't have an AMC, then use an ST and make him move as close to your midfield as possible. You want your players to play very compact to suffocate the other team.

    Team mentality - DEFENSIVE
    Focus passing - THROUGH THE MIDDLE
    Passing style - SHORT (because you don't want to give the ball away)
    Force counter-attacks - OFF (because you don't want to invite the opposition into your half)

    Pressing style - HIGH
    Tackling - NORMAL (don't choose Hard, that will just give away penalties and free kicks)
    Marking - ZONAL (since your team has covered defensive areas, so they will not tire out as quickly)
    Play offside - OFF (poor teams are bad at springing the offside trap, so don't do it)

    I've used the above a few times and have managed to beat teams this way. One time was 1-0 win, another time 2-1 win. Three other games were draws.

    Obviously make sure everyone's condition is 95%+ otherwise they will tire out quickly.
    Make sure their morale is at least Very Good. Maybe give the defenders and midfield morale boost to Superb.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric View Post
    Guys any idea how I can win against this guy he is 118 n i am 105

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    You can start safe with 4231 with Normal flanks or a flank(put your strong winger to play against his weak dr or dl) short/mix off low easy zonal off - from here in tactics you change according to your opponent play style and lower team mentality if your players are weak against his playes(check his white skills and compare with yours)

    Or 3w3n3w1 or 3w2 mr/ml 3w1 or 3w241 depends how good are your offensive players against his defensive players ..

    If you play on a flank, as i wrote try to use mr/ml and amr/aml.