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Thread: Youth Academy

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    Youth Academy

    I have a suggestion for you guys.
    As you grow player in youth academy i supost to implement to don't invest tokens to grow them up,to use tokens just for transfer window.If is youth academy is much better to use rests,morale and tretment to grow the player up,not tokens.
    I suggest tokens to be used just in transfer not in youth academy.

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    When i saw the idea from nordeus about NEW "Youth Academy", i thought (and we all want, hope, in near future) to train our young players focusing on what skills we WANT to increase.
    Their method increase overall skills, which is no bueno.

    Where did you see a defender to do trainings with shooting the ball ? Its not like i prepar my defenders to score lots of goals and dont care about defense duties. I want him to defend properly against very good opponent's offensive players.