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Thread: Form fact or fiction ?

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    Question Form fact or fiction ?

    My team this season are not world beaters , but is this my fault ? I am I suppose if you look at the teams on ability about where I should be in the league but not for reasons you would think , most teams are playing the same system in the league give or take attacking midfielder for defensive midfielder, I appear to be beating the better teams as in my last but one match , a team 10 % better than my own 3-0 with 75% possession away from home .You would think that beating that team would get the morale up but no everyone dropped two arrows of morale which I managed to push back up and played a team who had lost four out of five and were in the bottom three who thumped me four one with my goal coming in the last minute it’s been that way all season win one lose one no matter what I try the question I have therefore is are the games fixed, are the results already worked out , does it matter what I do , am I wasting my time trying my best or is the result decided and your place in the division decided before the season starts ?

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    I don't think matches are fixed as I tried subbing out my best players and adjusting players so that they were oop when I was 4-0 up and managed to lose the match. I also do not think our league positions are already decided but I do think overall quality matters for league. I notice my opponents getting trolled often after I improve my alternate accounts whenever a new event starts. Think the system somehow knows that there is a new high quality team around and wants to give us a chance to catch up.

    I do believe what you do and your effort matters. But of course, correct decisions must be made to have an impact. Adjusting tactics correctly to counter the opponent and subbing out the right player saved me a few times.

    Anyway I am still a low level player but I play around with 5 accounts. Hopefully that makes up for the lack of experience.
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    i've been that way... too