So today’s champions league semifinal turned into a complete scripted disaster 1 v 0 down from home first leg I hoped I’d sneak a goal back in away leg bearing in mind the teams where closely matched and for 50 mins in match game time this seems to work I scored a goal at the end of the first half then another at the beginning of second 2 v 1 on agg to me oppo Manager has to now score twice to go through oppo manager also did one of the biggest no nos during the match and that was to sub a defender who got a yellow card early in first half this can and does mean another one of the oppo managers players will get a yellow which did happen almost straight away this usually mean one of oppo managers players will get sent off or injured now back to the game animation and my main gripe/anger at 50 mins of match game time it froze/or crashed or so I thought and perhaps for nearly 2 mins of real time nothing happened on my screen I was just about to shutdown and restart the game when out of the blue it restarts with almost 10 mins of match game time gone but from that time Bang,bang and bang oppo score 3 goals from nowhere then add one more in last min of match 4 v 2 and out of champions league grrrr my question is what happened in that 2 mins of real time while game froze/crashed did the game AI recalculate the scripted result that was obviously going my way into a easy win for oppo manager it seems to me the game AI crashed then recalculate a different result and almost different match for the final 30 mins of animation game time not happy again at clear scripted and stupid decision making by the game AI 😡