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Thread: Was not awarded my hard earned win in haunted Cup :(

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    Was not awarded my hard earned win in haunted Cup :(

    I won level 4, round 4 and could not claim my rewards. It's like everything got erased and I know how many tokens I spent, I not ready to face other managers for a level I have pass.

    I reported to this email :
    I don't know how fast they will react since we only have 6 days left for this event.

    Any help from here guys ((

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    Happened the same to me, but in your case is more painful, in my case was directly the very first match, round 1 level 1. Won the game and after the game and not getting the reward, the match disappeared and I was back to the starting point. So defo they have a bug there.

    I already reported it to Lian and also in the (?) In the game, but as you said, the problem here is the response time, I reported it this morning (played like an hour or two right after the cup began), haven't heard anything since...

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    Haunted cup is a brutal fiasco. I had two players in pk shootout just blink off the screen, get counted as a miss, and lost the game. Typical incompetence from nordeus developers.