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Thread: Can someone tell me how to get fans to attend?

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    Can someone tell me how to get fans to attend?

    What ticket prices should I charge?

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    It depends on your level.
    Start with a price and tune things up from there: if you have max attendance on a home match, raise the price by one option and check again on the next home match; if you don't get max attendance, do the opposite thing. Eventually, you'll find the max price you can charge whilst having the 5% fans bonus.
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    If you have the max attendance, you don’t need to drop the price. In that case, you can move the price up to check if you still get the max attendance. To get the maximum out of your stadium, find the highest price that gives you the maximum attendance.

    Also, if you are on the lower levels, there is a maximum attendance you can get at a certain level, regardless the size of your stadium. You will get the 5% bonus if you get this attendance, also if your stadium has more capacity.

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    My recommendation is to hire cute looking cheerleaders in short skirts to cheer and dance on the sidelines. Basketball and softball matches usually have those.

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    FREE TICKETS! your fan will absolutely come to watch your game! hahahahaha
    maybe after you get the max attendance then you can slowly increase your price!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thick32 View Post
    What ticket prices should I charge?
    Hey there,

    This is a text from my discord server:

    This is how you should set up your ticket prices.

    Firstly do your level multiplied by 2.** If you're level 2 for example,you'll have to do 2X2 (=4)
    This is a basis,to get a general idea .

    Then, you need to find the "gold price".Start increasing your ticket prices untill you find that one price which will give you 5% possesion bonus and as much money as possible.When you advance to a higher level,I suggest to increase them by 2 and once again,experiment.They key on tickets is to experiment.

    Remember that there're some factors on the prices.That's why there're not "fixed" prices for every level.

    I hope this helps

    Good-luck in your matche,

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