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Thread: What kind of issue is this?

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    What kind of issue is this?

    My team overal is 119%, while other team, F. C. G Boordeaux is 108%. My team is currently on top of the league table, and his is 5th. All of my players are well rested and in highest morale with full training. How did my team lose to his 1-4 with only one on goal shot? Can you please look into it please and explain what happened there because that is unbelievable. It should not be anything with tatics because I was in a long winning streak.
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    A freak result. Today I lost 2-3. I’m also top and lost to 3rd. My prolific front 3 could not hit a barn door. My first loss all season. I tried everything but knew it was in vain. These results occur occasionally. You just pick yourself up and move on. There are so many variables that could be the cause. Tomorrow will be different. Happy Christmas.
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