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Thread: How do i train goalkeepers?

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    How do i train goalkeepers?

    So i have a balanced training session. It goes like this..

    Warmup, offense, defense, cardio, cardio and stretch

    In my experience this has been working pretty well to train my entire team at once but i feel like the goalkeepers are being left out.

    Is it worth not including my goalies in the main sessions and doing goalie only sessions after or is there a bad debuff to this? vshare
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    Players training should be focused onto 1 or at most 3 main skills for exceptional performance purposes. ST/AM are almost always about finishing and speed, and so the GK skills counter should be reflexes/agility and rushing out.

    Skills improvement would decrease after each 10% average of skills within any training drill, and will max out at 180%-average. Progression would slow down significantly after 130% and very obviously after 160%. So it takes some pre-planning on how much resources (greens in early days of seasons, and pack ads during season) you feel comfortable in spending to improve your GK vs how much extra impact the GK would give you for occasional 10-rated performances.

    Typically from experience, particular GK skills reaching 180% would show some very surprisingly great saves a lot more often. Need different drills’ combination to push up to those levels.