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Thread: Negotiations

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    Quick question,

    I put in a offer for some one under Negotiations,
    And now it says "the selling price is set"
    But i cant see whats its set at?
    All i seem to be able to do is raise my offers which costs another 3 tokens? (would i get these back by the way if my offer was un sussesful?)

    Thanks for the help

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    You get the tokens back that you originally put in. I believe any other further token increases after the initial offer will be gone forever.

    As for the selling price, you can usually see in one of two ways:

    1. If there is a white bar when you attempt to make an offer, 'increase' your offer as far as it will go until it says underneath 'player will immediately be transferred to your club'. This is their selling price as it is basically what they are asking for the player.

    2. If there is no white bar, the selling price is as high as it will go. In this case, laugh, give them the middle finger and let it expire. However, if you're very lucky, they might just accept your offer anyway (though very unlikely. It has only happened to me once).
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