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Thread: My news trainings

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    My news trainings

    Hello I'm a spanish guy

    I changed my program of trainings et I would ask you what do you think about ?

    Quicks attacks :

    My news trainings-quicks-attacks.jpg

    Pressing :

    My news trainings-pressing.jpg

    Wingers :

    My news trainings-wingers.jpg

    Midfielders :

    My news trainings-midfielders.jpg

    Defence :

    My news trainings-defence.jpg

    Strengh & Speed :

    My news trainings-power.jpg

    2nd training offensive :

    My news trainings-2nd-offensive.jpg

    Ball Possesion :

    My news trainings-ball-possesion.jpg

    Corners & Free kicks :

    My news trainings-cpa.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My news trainings-quicks-attacks.jpg  

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    Tanto de aprender..........

    Lo siento hombre. Dejar el juego ya.

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    Each player, within each team setup, should have a very specific and irreplaceable role. Therefore, each individual player should also be training on only one particular drill in a certain sequence until reaching a certain average for the next sequence (with the exception where less conditions available for a hard or very hard drill then there should be another parallel very easy or easy drill which focuses onto the next most important attributes which do not overlap the same skills involved in the hard or very hard drill)

    Eg. 4-1-3-1-1, set up to play counter attack via middle
    (Role, focused attributes [drills on averages with own preference & sequence depending on importance], complimentary SA)
    ST: finishing, shooting & passing, 1-on-1 SA
    AMC: shooting, passing, creativity & dribbling, shadow striker SA
    ML & MR: crossing, passing, speed, creativity, CK/playmaker/dribbler SA (depending on playing style)
    MC: passing & creativity, playmaker SA
    DMC: same as MC plus all defensive attributes, playmaker SA
    DCs: all applicable, header SA
    DL & DR: all except crossing, wall SA
    (Above is just an example of 1 type of countless formations and variation of play for easier understanding)

    With the example above, it is pretty obvious each player would need to specialise on their own skill sets to boost individually according to the team needs. Eg. ML with CK SA would focus on drills with crossing, while MR with dribbler SA would train with drills with dribbling. DMC would need to first boost defensive attributes then creativity while MC may be the other way round. ST would do drills which improves finishing the quickest, while AMC would train on drills which get shooting higher first (some drills would overlap, but sequence would not be with attributes importance towards different roles).

    Therefore, we need to know clearly what the role of that player is in the team, then set up a focused training sequence of drills to boost his certain attributes to maximise his influence onto the team for optimal effects against opponents. Mixing of drills would only increase all stats equally, hence producing on-paper higher quality but de facto average players. Importance of averages cannot be more overstated when it comes to the very limited of available conditions of key players.
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    Thank you for you tips. I will change my trainings post-by-post

    For information, I play in 4-3-3 with 2 DC and DL,DR, 3 MC's and 1 ST, 1 AML and 1 AMR with offensive mentality, shorts passes and passes on wings