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Thread: Player Condition Loss Suddenly Huge After Games

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    Player Condition Loss Suddenly Huge After Games

    Has anybody else had their player condition loss after a game increase by something like 20% for some individuals just recently?

    My goalkeeper, for example, is 19 years old with a Fitness level of 121%. He was losing about 6% a game last season. This season, however, he's losing about 27%! This is happening to some of my other players as well. And in general, the loss of condition is much higher than last season throughout the whole team.

    I don't use man-to-man marking or a high press.

    NB I've just noticed the conditions were rainy. Does that make a difference? I'm sure it's happened in ideal conditions too though?

    Am I right in thinking that players with a high Fitness level lose less condition or does it depend on something else?


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    I didn't notice any big difference to be honest. The 6% condition loss you mentioned for last season is far too little. Maybe in a friendly but not in a competitive match. It was mostly around 12-20% with the normal settings you were pointing at.
    27% is however also an extreme, I only know this from hot weather.