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Thread: Top Eleven empathy policy

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    Top Eleven empathy policy

    Level 40, 44 seasons.Second team, i have another. Since Special Manager works, i bought it every season. Both teams.
    Last season i grew a DMC from the school accademy and raised it to 9*. No abilities at start of the season.

    Finishing the Special Manager course was a goal that brings (more or less) "to a player without ability this interception that will make your keeper read better corners, penalties and free kicks). I thouth that it makes a player give counsils to the keeper. Reserved "Second ability" to set my DMC as "game creator".
    At the end, i couldn´t make some of the tasks, but decided to pay 25 tokens to reach that goal. But no player could accept it. (All my players have a special ability, not my DMC at then). Wrote to the support. 5 days to get an answer. More or less they say that "it was an ability only for keepers, as the glove icon shows".

    Well, i think i must not know hot to interprete an icon but text explanation wasn´t concrete at this point. I said, ok, maybe i made a mistake decyphering your icon, but i did´nt use the ability. Everywhere around the world, if you return a non-used purchase, you get your money back. I wrote assistant again to claim those 25 tokens and get (six days later) a "that´s your mistake, not ours"

    I get a little angry and applied to deactivate my account. Wrote the assistance explaining that it´s not about 25 tokens, it´s about whats right or not and told that if i don´t have those tokens back.i won´t cancell my petition. Six days before, my account is cancelled.

    Great empath, great long therm vision. Maybe my 11€ monthly contribution, 132/year is not a disaster, But i was the pilar of a Gold1-Platinum association that today is broken. 3 managers more have applied to cancell their accounts.

    Well, i´ll have more free time, i used to spend 1h 45 min avg in TE, every day. Watch almost all videos possibles.

    Good bye, sirs.

    Top Eleven empathy policy-screenshot_20210428-191410.jpg
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    They will never care, mate. Do not waste your energy as an advise. Take a break or manipulate the draws instead.

    Good luck
    Sorry for opening new accounts. I forgot my old’s password.

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    how could you not able to see the special ability is for goalkeeper only? If you click on it, the description will show.

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    From the fact that 99.999% of the players understood this, it is clear that this was your own fault.
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    Even if the employees at Nordeus had empathised with you. There would have been standard protocols to follow. And it does read like the user was at fault here as you could have easily asked folks here at the forum or at groups on FB. Threats using account closure really doesn't make sense to me, you are a single account holder among millions.
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    The ‘set piece stopper’ name of the SA alone is enough to tell that is a GK-specific SA (vs a set piece taker SA). Exactly the same principle with PK stopper vs PK specialist.

    Pretty sure most here or in fb groups could easily tell you the answer too if you could bother to ask with an image with a line.

    It is quite unbelievable that one does not understand this kind of basics after 3+ full years of playing the game, or not knowing any channel to ask for an answer too, then blame everyone and everything else for own lack of game knowledge, ignorance and willingness to even ask or learn (Eg. If an experienced paying manager looks to save greens by getting a 9* DMC via youths, the SA added should be ‘blocker SA’ - that is quite a no-brainier really - and even as a freeloader like me who never got a chance to get either of these SAs would understand, let alone someone who had paid for premium special sponsor for a while).

    And the threat of ‘I won’t keep paying unless you solve my mistake’ is not going to get anyone anywhere. Game developers would receive thousands of such requests everyday if they succumb to even one of these.
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    I think it doesn‘t make sense to attack him now. He made a mistake. This can happen to all of us. That Nordeus can‘t be kind is normal in such cases.

    …I think that cannot be the only reason why he want to quit the game. For me it seems that he lost the fun in the game and takes this little thing now as a reason to go.

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    Sorry but, there is no reason for these baseless accusations. It's very obvious that was completely your mistake. Next time better to read instructions before taking an action.
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