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Thread: The higher you get, the harder it gets IMHO

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    The higher you get, the harder it gets IMHO

    Currently at level 93. I am at 138.3% at the moment - so a reasonable team.
    I am however only 11th ranked team percentage wise and currently sit in 9th place.
    I face my first ever 'enforced' tanking season as I am struggling after finishing a close 2nd last season (to the team currently 11th).
    There are undoubtably quite a number of tanking teams I have never cross paths with before in my league.
    The post really is, to enjoy it whilst you can at lower levels as things might get a tad harder.
    A few guys moan about having 1 or 2 tankers in their league, but I must have 6-8 tankers in mine.
    The top 3 teams btw are at:
    with 2 other teams in the 160's%

    PS I have given a couple of the big boys a good game - using the counter formations and having players who can play in multiple positions do help

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    I have always wondered why these guys put more bots in the game indeed. As far as old forum member NIK mentioned they did it once.

    Put the bots and let the guys play, guys. It’s a win to win after all.

    You have already earned a lot from these guys and you target are the newbies and the veterans know the game, meaning they won’t invest much at all.

    But I am guessing they might do it for the increment the amount of alter account creations.
    Sorry for opening new accounts. I forgot my old’s password.