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Thread: The curse of the top eleven

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    The curse of the top eleven

    I've lost the last four or five games despite being all over them. Consistent last-minute goals when I clinch a tie that finishes in a loss. I really had three last-minute goals, all of which resulted in a loss.

    I've already lost the cup, and I'm probably going to finish my group stage for CL in last place, barely making it into the top half of the table.

    It's quite frustrating because I would have won those games at other times.
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    I don't know what formation you use, but make sure you have 2 MC's, as possession is really important and gives less "random" results. High white skills in your player and good defenders also makes games less random and more predictable.

    In a match, look at the possession bar, how the simulation looks (e.g. do your players lose the ball often, etc.) and at potential yellow cards (this tells you that either the player is not good for this match or that your tactics aren't what the system set as ideal for that match). Learn to read what the game gives you and you'll have less randomness, more impact and better outcomes. However, it's a simulation game and randomness will always be a factor.

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    Just a share of thoughts.

    Losing late goal more than the rare occasions often point to either order management &/ in-match formation & player positioning counters:

    1) Both high press (vs low press) and man-on-man marking (vs zonal) would have a huge drain on our players’ conditions, making our team very vulnerable towards the end of match

    If we use 1 from early in the match, or even ‘worse’ with both, and when our opposition knows how to read animations (ie. he could tell from how high up our team presses when he has possession, the way our players move very proactively to mark his players, etc.) and switch to a defensive formation + defensive mentality + zonal + low press, our team may score more until around 60th min of the match, but his team will have a definite conditions advantage to use aggressive attacking formations to both high press and man-on-man marking on our team, and the chance is he will outscore us in the last 30 mins.

    2) It is very common that most managers should have some panic-button final-20-mins aggressive formations to use when his usual favourite setup does not work, and it is up to us to go aggressive vs aggressive or change to an effective ultra-defensive formation to get a decisive counter goal.

    Say the opposition originally plays 4-5v-1, which is pretty defensively solid, and now he needs 1 goal for a result against our team. He subbed off 1DC and 2 MCs, and sub on 1 ST & 2 AM, and his team suddenly changes to a very aggressive 3-1DM-4AM-2. If he executed this on 70th min mark, it is down to how quick we can spot his change, how prepared we have in subs (enough defenders and DMCs), how quick we can adjust our current formation to a better defensively sound formation to handle the opposition change before we can make the actual subs + formation + order changes, and how quick we finally make those changes.

    The speed and effectiveness of that few to under 20 seconds’ responses could well decide the match outcome when a tie is just a matter of 1-goal.
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