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Thread: what a joke

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    what a joke

    can someone pls explain to me what the hell is wrong with this game? its a rainy day, i get my team ready for a game, all players with superb morale and 99 condition, all training bonuses on max, my team couldnt be more ready than this, and yet this idiot assistant manager comes up with this bs analysis that the opponent was more motivated, really???? they only scored from a FK and did nothing else, i was dominating the match, but somehow this stupid game engine makes my players miss chances like there is no tomorrow and the opposing GK has a blinder, just typical. I can’t win a fkng game in the league right now. What a joke

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    i played a friendly against the same team after the league game with my B team, not fully rested, good morale, and i beat him convincingly, its obvious this game is rigged.

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