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    Ambulance FC

    About the injury, could you please reduce it? i cant believe almost everyday my players get injured, i even bought some reds with tokens.
    my team level is still low, level 5 team.
    unbelievable, i even thinking renaming my team to Ambulance FC, please reduce it, its making the game hard for new/low level team

    Btw, already posted it on feedback&suggestion.

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    Same for me this season. Am on a stretch where i have had 1 injury a day in 6 of 7 days with 9 injuries total for the season. Not every season is like this though, happens once every 3-4 seasons. Quite similar occurrence ratio for cards and suspensions

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    I thought the injury rates had actually dropped this season. For a few seasons there was a guaranteed injury every game but I’ve only had a few here and there this season. Guess it affects some more than others depending on server.
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