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Thread: Noob Questions ...

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    Noob Questions ...

    Hello Everyone,

    Downloaded the game yesterday after about 18 months of trying to resist!

    Couple of questions;

    Is condition regen always crazy slow? I had a game last night at 23:12 and have woken up this morning to see my players are still only on 60% ish. I have another game today around 23:00 - does this mean I cannot train today without using any "rests"

    Why does my "Training" tab have a "1" in a blue square on it?

    What formations do and definitely don't work?

    Do people have any general tips for a new player?

    Thanksshowbox speed test
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    Every player gains 6% of their condition every 3 hours. This can be seen in training->physio center.

    Every legal formation works against something I guess. Maybe it's more of that your tactics support your formations. For example, if you attack down both flanks, I think it's better to have some wingers too (or wide midfielders). Overall I don't think formations are that important if your team is otherwise in good condition.

    Train your players every morning to keep your bonuses full. 2 easiest trainings from every category (att, def, phy). It will make 6,75% per training session and you need 2 of those, if you watch the ads. If not, you need 4. If you watch the ads wisely, you don't need rests so often.

    The number 1 in your training tab probably means that there is something that the game wants to show you. Just guessing here.

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    Agree with Hejst on most points. My experience is that in general, the use of wingers and players in between lines (attacing midfielders and defending midfielders) perform well most of the time.
    Also, don't try to play a player in striker, unless this was the players original role! I have tried amc's, amr's and aml's to play as striker and almost all of them performed bad.
    At last, watchs ads for rest points. You can do something else in the meantime, but it will earn you up to about 20 rests a day. Good luck!