I've sent such kind of many suggestions for over seven years (also from Email, at Facebook page, at instragram, at tweeter, even directly to Nordeus official page). I don't understand why Nordeus always ignores my suggestion every year. I think Nordeus doesn't like Myanmar Union & Myanmar people. If anyone from Nordeus official department read this thread, he or she should emphazise my feeling. I do request again and again. Please take implementation of including Myanmar flag and Nationality in Top eleven game. Gamers from Myanmar are very enjoy for playing this game. We are still playing this game and we'll continuous playing in the future. So, Nordeus should pay back something for Myanmar managers. Most Myanmar managers do wish this same implementation at all. Moreover, please help with me to send this report to Nordeus department. I need help from other managers from over the World. I really do want this wish. I don't request any other wish. Please consider this. I hope Nordeus can hear and fulfil my suggestion at this time.

From Myanmar

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