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    [Official] Hot Shots & Goal-Fest Shootout Challenges

    [Official] Hot Shots & Goal-Fest Shootout Challenges-wn.jpg

    Time to shoot and score amazing rewards! The Hot Shots event is back and lasts until the end of the season! 🎯⚽

    Participate in the Hot Shots event to earn rewards that help you upgrade your Playstyles. You can earn additional Shots through the brand new Goal-Fest Shootout challenge by scoring goals in League matches. Make sure to join the Goal-Fest Shootout challenge and update to the latest version of Top Eleven for optimal experience.

    Read on for more info on how to participate in Hot Shots 👇

    1. Shoot and win amazing rewards that upgrade and level up your Playstyles, from Playstyle boosters to Playstyles points!
    2. Hit the goals! Some of the hidden rewards tiles are goals - you need to score and reveal the required number of goals on each level in order to get the ultimate reward shown in the right part of the Hot Shots screen. Unlocking the ultimate reward unlocks the next level and advances you further.
    3. The Playstyle points you earn through your shots are stored in your Hot Shots inventory. Make sure you assign them to your players with Playstyles before the event is over!

    A special type of Playstyle points can be earned in this event. Special Playstyle points that are universal and can be applied to a Playstyle from any category.

    Check out the event rules below:

    • Each strike costs one shot on any level of the event.
    • One shot reveals one reward or goal.
    • Revealing the set amount of goals will allow you to get the ultimate reward and advance to the next level.
    • Once revealed the rewards are automatically claimed.
    • Playstyle points can be assigned only to playstyles of the same category.
    • Points that are not applied at the end of the event will expire.
    • Unused shots will expire at the end of the event.
    • Shots can be obtained as special rewards in the Haunted Cup challenge or purchased.
    • The event finishes once the timer is over and lasts until the end of the season.

    Good luck, Managers!

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    When we have a maxed playstyle player, there is still a reference for hot shot event, even when there is none. Of course the button doesn't work.

    [Official] Hot Shots & Goal-Fest Shootout Challenges-hdgthggdhdh.jpg