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Thread: Can Nordeus give official info on Special Abilities, please?

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    Exclamation Can Nordeus give official info on Special Abilities, please?

    The game is almost 10 years old and we still don't have any official information about Special Abilities. I feel like it is disrespectful of the dedicated fans of the game to leave them in the dark for so long to do their "testing" and "solve the mystery of the Shadow Striker / Dribbler" and so on, especially when a manager has to invest a significant amount of time to get one of their players to learn such an ability, and especially, even more, when they are undeletable, so if a manager picks the wrong Special Ability for a position of one of their star players, then they've partially destroyed the potential of that player and that just really bites and feels frustrating, especially again when the cause of all this is the complete lack of official information about these Special Abilities.

    There are so many questions left unanswered officially, and again I say that this just feels disrespectful to the community:

    • Do you need more than one defensive player with Defensive Wall? If so, how many is ideal? Three? Or two, so you can have two Aerial Defenders?
    • Does the Shadow Striker ability activate in the ST position or only in AM positions? (No thanks, Nordeus, for all the ST/AMC strikers whom I gave this ability thinking that it'll encourage them to shoot from a distance instead of pass or try to dribble the ball into the keeper's hands slowly over and over again!)
    • In which position(s) does the Playmaker ability activate if it ever?
    • In which position(s) does the Dribbler ability activate if it ever?
    • What, exactly, do Special Abilities even do, with some numbers to quantify the answer?
    • At which numerical point will a player with a higher Shooting percentage be more effective than a lower player with a Penalty-kick Specialist or a player with a higher Dribbling percentage be more effective than a lower player with Dribbler, for example?

    And, Nordeus decision-makers, this information will help your most dedicated players know when to sell certain players and spend more hard-earned Tokens on new players, or when to spend any game resources, including Tokens, to give their players certain abilities, in the Youth Academy, for example, so you can make even more profits, believe it or not.

    I'm serious. If I, as a manager and paying customer, am just not sure at all if this ability or that star will make this potential player better than one I have, then I won't be motivated to spend anything to acquire that new player or ability. I hope that that much, at least, makes sense. I promise you ... this information will bring more profits in many ways, plus gratefulness from your most serious and dedicated min-maxing hardcore players, who really should be your priority, up there with the whales, because they may not be showing you dollar sign numbers directly but their competitiveness motivates the whales to spend more. Just ... think.

    Thank you.
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    They do not give an answer because there is no answer. Special skills, and now game styles are just "pictures". They get tanned during a certain animation and do not affect anything. When the ball after hitting rebounds from the goalkeeper to my ST, he scores a goal (this is the play style "POACHER"). Previously, he did the same thing only without style animation. They cannot admit that these pictures do not affect anything, since then no one will spend money on it.
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    If the game "decided" that you will lose, you will lose.
    Sorry for the English. This is google translate.