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Thread: Is it worth paying to play?

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    Is it worth paying to play?

    This it is my question, for which a today diria that money to become exhausted in this game looks like to me a "theft", since in the only thing that you can improve it is in improving rapidly the stadium, for which for very good players that you register, they are of the ojeador or in the bids, the game then does what gives him the desire in every party. Already you can have 10 points mas of average that your rival, to see the party and to obtain 60 % of possession, many mas have occasions of goal, and everything else that each one him could pass for the head, that if the game says that today you lose ... you lose. For many average mas that you have and everything above mentioned previously. Already it is the last one of the league and your first one, which if the game says that you lose you are going to lose if or if.

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    And another thing, which forgot me. For that I am extracted by yellow and red cards in the parties, when I play always with slight income? I do not want to imagine like serious if it was playing with hard income...

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    I would say it is but only a little bit as you will no doubt know there are a few bugs around in the game engine so if you spend a lot of money on the game and you lose you will be pissed, so what I do is spend a little and try to enjoy it otherwise there is no point to play but of course there are some managers out there who do very well without spending no money, the choice is yours, good luck.
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    Keep your money! Buy Football manager 2013 if you want to play a serious football simulation.

    They make it so that if you spend a small amount, you get suckered into spending more and more, just to keep winning.

    They attract addictive personalities and exploit them.

    I would like to have MDKII comment on why you should spend money on this game.
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