I would like to know where these statistics come from and these games made
I with more percentage but without spending a cent in this game massacre the opponent the whole game the whole opponent makes three shots two are a goal and one to the post yes because I still went to school and I have a great brain (and I know how to see it well and I know what it is a shot and a cross that my defender cuts off) I go to the report and see 13 shots from the opponent 🤣🤣🤣🤣
but the worst and most embarrassing is that nordeus has to stop using this to make people spend and buy all the **** you throw when you nordeus stop doing this kind of circus and listen to who plays this since it exists as i then would have the best game beating fifa feet etc.
once again get embarrassed in your face and stop making fun of people like me who spend 4/5 hours a day to play this ****