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Thread: Offside, where have you gone?

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    Offside, where have you gone?

    Anyone seen any lately?
    Seems like it has been disabled. A lot of those passes and through balls look way off to me, but that may be just my perception.
    But regardless, no offsides have been called in a while

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    This is a different game. The lack of scoring against inferior teams. My striker 193 can’t score now. He was tearing until the start of the third week, then he went to sleep. The good thing I won’t need to waste money improving him next season. He can be just as bad at 173.

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    Im also missing seeing goals from corners?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Jones View Post
    Im also missing seeing goals from corners?
    i scores a lot from corners. u probably need to have good corner taker that have high % of crossing & passing.
    my cornertaker is my fullback (automatically designated by the game) so i guess u need crossing at higher % than passing maybe. (crossing high, passing low%)
    and when that player's out the MC will take over that job (passing high, crossing low%)
    probably will get even better result with player with high % in both crossing & passing.

    anyway regarding the offside i dont care. im glad they take it out from the highlights!
    nobody wants to & have time to watch a buildup of a sequence that starts from teamA attacking have 5-10passes & get tackle by teamB defender & they start their own counter only for an offside decision..
    might as well take that video out & save our precious time from watching that useless sequence!
    they can add up the offside numbers on the stats tho so we can know & be sure our offside trap is working properly
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