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Thread: which is the best age for a player?

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    which is the best age for a player?

    Sometime i'm stronger than my opponent for 1,2 stars, we have same formations, very good moral and condition, My team average age are 29,6 , my opponent average age are 23...I noticed that I always lose the younger team...So i aks, how the result depends on the age of?

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    I could be wrong here, but I think it's more down to skill level/formation & tactics rather than age.

    All age will do is tire the player quicker than a younger player, but even that is not consistent as my team of mixed ages seem to tire at the same rate (all drop 20% in the first half).

    I'd suggest looking at your formation setup for each game and make sure it counters what ever your opponent has set and then check during the match and counter any changes.

    Just my thoughts. ☺
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    Any idea how to beat a 3W-1-3W-1-2 formation ?
    He is with a 71 quality team and mine is 68.

    That is his formation
    It is a spirit , more than managing a team.

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    He's using a similar set up to mine atm, and I'm on an 11 win streak ... If you want to save a hiding, if his players out class yours in general, then play very defensively.

    On player's age - I think it is more about their skills, because I have a 21yr old who just loves to get injured.

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    A quick advice: The younger, the better. Younger players will level up much faster than old players.