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Thread: A bug bit me in my bedroom

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    A bug bit me in my bedroom

    While my foot is on the floor. I must admit I never clean the floor below my bed as too lazy and difficult to clean, must have breed many bugs.

    You may wonder, what has this got to do with Top11? Lots to do... being bitten by a bug makes me demoralised, and I forgot to play my Top11 Cup semi final, and got beaten even as favourite.
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    expect nothing less from this scam of a game
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    Yes, Top Eleven has done this to me too … planting bugs in my bedroom that come out and bite me right before my match is to begin! Causing me to lose even when I’m heavily favored! So to try to get rid of the bugs, I bought a cat to chase away the bugs! This worked as pest control for a awhile, but then the bugs started exhibiting Playstyles and leveling up their Playstyles! I had no choice … I bought my cat a random Playstyle and bought Playstyle Boosters to level up my Cat’s Playstyle! It is working for now, but worried when my Cat loses a star at end of season … will the bugs also lose a star???