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Thread: Why can't my team retain possession?

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    Why can't my team retain possession?

    I have been having this issue since the 3D update where my team struggles to control possession even against weaker teams.

    In some games where I ought to dominate and have more highlights but this is often not the case and it gets much worse against equal or stronger opponents, though I sometimes find a way to win.

    I play normal/through the middle/short or mixed/ no counters/ high pressing/ zonal/ offside trap. And the formation is usually a variant of 451v

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    If I was you I would try to change formation. It had happened to me few times when I have played long periods of time with the same formation. Maybe some players fit better in different formation, maybe they get fed up playing every game with the same formation. Who knows. I don't know if this is a real thing or not. All I know that it has always helped me. I'm level 72 with way over 100 trophys, so it hasn't gone all wrong.

    Edit. I think one should always aim to control the ball. If not, I think there is some kind of problem with one's team. Problems often come to reality against equal and stronger opponents.

    1. Check your players ratings. Good players get mostly 8+. Keyplayers mostly 9+. Others are defenders or garbage. I have tried to identify my keyplayers in friendly matches preferably against 1% teams. Keyplayers always shine in these. When I have spotted my keyplayers and it comes time to sell them, I sell them and my next signing will be AML or AMR. So now I hope that keyplayer role has switched to my new winger. Repeat with another keyplayers and if you find 3 of them add AMC/ST to the mix. It has worked for me. I have had 3 keyplayers as My attacking trio for many generations now. In these trios now 3rd player in a row getting over 1100 goals. Midfield should get mostly 8's, same with the goalkeeper. Defenders like to take 7's every now and then, but lower than that should be very rare. If your player is far from these, check below or change him to better player.

    2. Try different formations. If you like 451V, train some new positions to your players, so you can always change back, if the new formation is even worse. For example other dc could be also dmc and your dmc also mc, and striker also amc. With these little changes you can try multiple variations and still get back your 451V if needed. Also if you ask me, ST is by far the most useless player in the game. I play 99% of my games without one. Before I thought DMC would somehow play out your AMC every time, but it does not. DMC has most use against long balls I think. Actually my 3-4-3 without striker with central attack seems to be especially good agains 451V.

    Edit2. How high your MC's play? With some players I lost midfield control, when they were positioned to my own half. I was actually playing with 451V back then. I regained position during a match, when I repositioned them to half line. I don't know if this a thing either, but worked for me and worked ever since.
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    better use passing down both flanks in 451v, wingers should be your best players and score most goals.