When is the server grouping, my team (135%) is at level 107 which is the top of the server. There are 2 groups, mine with 9 teams between 160% and 191% and 5 teams around 135%. Needless to say, we have no chance of winning anything. The other group includes 11 teams between 130% and 120% and 3 bots at 34%.
There shouldn't be a climb this season, so next season bis repetita, we'll still be doing extras.
Therefore I ask that Nordeus groups together servers to already avoid its huge inequalities between the teams and also avoid seasons without climbs which only increases the level difference.
So I don't buy anything anymore (ex: special sponsor) because it's of no use to me, except to throw money away.
I hope to be heard, otherwise I would have to leave my team for several seasons to find a championship at the correct level.