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Thread: half of the season...

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    half of the season...

    fuh...the first half of the season was very tough...earlierly i have thought to you gus that i have been placed in very strong i feel very great because if i looking from the 'strong' ranking ,i will ranked for 7th or 8th..but now i have ranked in 2nd..with different 8 point with top league..the top league was very very strong team ..if you amaging no one can win with his team for this time..for your information the team has 6 stars..that is scout and other has 4 and me just 3 stars...what the lucky...sadly all of the team has a caring manager( always support their teams in match) i hope for the second half of the season they will ignore their team and easy to me to maintain my result...just sharing...
    how many like from my sharing???

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    Your text is hard to read, but it's interesting. Still, you won't get a like from me. I hate people who beg for likes.