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    Special sponsor

    This event used to be decent. Now like everything else in the game greed has taken over. Some of the tasks this time are just ridiculous. Today they release getting 24 points in association. You have no control over who you play in a tournament. You are working as a team, yet you now have an individual target. Allocate 4 playstyles to youth academy players. Well I have already allocated what I want , I mean I don't wait till the last 4 days of the season to do this. Then we have other things like scoring x amount of goals with a player over many teams have that kind of player? Finish the event within 3 days...most people don't even manage to complete the event, yet alone within 3 days. Start the game with 6 playstyles at x level....Like most of the game now its all about spending money....greed at its finest, but for me this backfires, I used to pay for premium in this more as I know many of the tasks are unachievable for regular players.

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    Same here. Not much point in paying for premium now. I usually finish ss or use 25 T if the final reward is worth it for me. Will be 3 levels short this season. Used to be score 30 goals with 130%+. Last couple of seasons it’s been 150%+. Bit of an own goal by Nordeus. Why would we pay for rewards that we probably aren’t going to get?

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    guess this task is good for less active players in bronze and silver. Alot of players with x multiplier there. Can swap opponents easily there without repercussions as well