Sadly this game is not fair at all. They always tell you that they want to reflect the reality of football but they cannot be further from it in many ways. They say that even the best teams have off games and periods and therefore a much weaker opponent can win with a better team, however, even though this is true they need to bring realism in all the other facets of the game not just in the vent you can be beaten by an inferior opponent. It can happen and it does happen that a fluke result like mine today can happen, however with this game it's the WHEN it happens that I have a problem with. In other words, when you are in first place in the league and have been kicking butt and then suddenly you lose one like this one 1-0 at home and your team basically had little possession even having a home, manager and Mou support at 8% with superb prep and 40% training bonus and a safe formation that would have beaten the pants off anyone else? GIVE ME A BREAK! If this is the case what do I train and get to have a superb prep for if I lose against a weaker team at home? This is all planned and it sucks.