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    [Official] Coaching Foundations - Kick-Off!

    [Official] Coaching Foundations - Kick-Off!-wn-2-.jpg

    Hey Managers!

    A new Event is LIVE! Coaching Foundations is coming our way, so make sure you gather your best Squad!
    You have 7 days to defeat Badge Chasers, bring down the Name Makers Sport Club and conquer Touchline Dominance… all that in order to grab amazing rewards and special achievement.

    The Event Coaching Foundations is starting on Friday, 3rd of February 10AM CET.

    Good luck to all Managers!

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    another event for those who have thousands of tokens to strengthen their team

    almost impossible to pass even the second game, I played twice and in both faced teams more than 5% stronger. There's no way to move on, this event is ridiculous.

    [Official] Coaching Foundations - Kick-Off!-untitled-1.jpg

    Funny? For whom?
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    Yep, and as someone who does not use tokens for such events, the first worthwhile reward for 3 tokens you lose. All 3 lives gone so end of tournament for me.

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    How you count your squad quality? (Badge Chasers, Name Makers Sport Club, Touchline Dominance, etc). It's far more quality than shown...