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Thread: When is support not support

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    When is support not support

    I see that instead if attempting to provide lame excuses and ridiculous explanations, that they know we as managers and proper football fans can see straight through immediately.
    The match stats show time and again just how far removed from reality results can be
    it seems that support means just closing conversations down.
    Maybe its just me but the defi ition of and my idea of support seem to be a million miles away from the way top eleven deal with it.

    No credibile responses
    no feedback
    quite clearly they do not like nor know how to deal with any constructive criticism of the game

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    If you do not receive a response from Support within 48hrs, it is best to try again. But don’t give up. If it is an easy question, sometimes you can get an answer on here from other managers particularly if your question is not specific to a particular scenario.
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