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    [Official] Mastermind - Academies LIVE NOW!

    [Official] Mastermind - Academies LIVE NOW!-wn_no_text.jpg
    Hey Managers,

    It’s time to visit some of the famous football cities producing talents of tomorrow and unleash your inner mastermind in the new Mastermind Academies tour. Starting off in Buenos Aires, grab the chance to show your managerial mastery. Win against skillful rivals and earn rewards all over the globe!
    The event lasts until 10th March, 10AM CET.

    Good luck Top Eleven masterminds!

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    the only mastermind will once again be - Nordeus with their RNG games which will more often than not - conveniently end with their epic "We were well prepared but ultimately it wasn't enough" and of course - wasted tokens if you allow it.

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    another stupid game with ridiculous prizes(pitch pattern? Haha). 60 tokens as reward to win a team 20-25% better? Serious? Nordeous continues to mock and laugh at the players.

    Now I've won the 5th level. The player on loan, 5 stars. The player in definite, 5 stars. What are they good for? Not for nothing. Whenever there is a prize a player between 5 and 7 stars I get one of 5 stars. It's never to improve the team, ever.
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    Totally agree, what use is another stupid pitch pattern and my loan player was no better than my current team. Crap prizes again and no chance of getting to the end.
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    Only the greens and the tokens are nice prices
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