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Thread: More important: playstyles or proper position

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    More important: playstyles or proper position

    New player. Joined a couple days ago. I have built a decent little team for myself, at least for the level I am currently on. I have a good amount of capable players but I’ve run into an issue where my best lineup has a couple players in positions that don’t utilize their play style. For instance I have a ML/DL, who in my strongest lineup plays the ML spot. But his play style is fullback.

    I can mix up my best players a little bit and keep them all on the field but with a couple players out of position, like I have a MR playing ML (yellow) and a DL playing DR (red).

    So my question is what is best. Playing my best lineup with everyone in a compatible position but with a couple players not using their play style…keeping best players on field and utilizing all playstyles but resulting with a couple out of position…or place players where playstyles are used, put the two out of positions players on the bench, replace them with lesser players in the correct position and use them as subs?

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    Proper positions
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    I think you must try it one by one to see which one is compatible as a team.
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    A mí entender, a no ser que sea un jugador muy superior en % al resto de los 22 jugadores que se enfrentan , ese estilo de juego no se destaca
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